Seaside, Oregon
Seaside 2011 - 4th of July Parade Application (link)
Parade Map (Link)
2011 4th of July Parade
Parade Start Time is 11:00 AM Monday, July 4, 2011
ending at the Seaside Museum at approximately 12 Noon

( Posted July 3, 2011 )

1.    Police Escort - Seaside Police Department
NOTE: No vehicles will be located between the Police and the Mack Firetruck!  The
Police, Color Guards and Mack Firetruck traditionally lead off the Parade in this way.

2.    Color Guard - Oregon Army National Guard
3.    Color Guard - Boy Scouts of America Troop 642
4.    1935 Mack Fire Truck - with Seaside City Council on board
            with 14 High School Football Players walking and handing
            out American flags

5.    Miss Clatsop County Scholarship Program - 4 Cars with 4
            Title Holders and 1 Princess

6.    Cub Scouts, Seaside Pack 540 - 20 Cub Scouts and
            their Families

7.    Uncle Sam Hat - Motorized hat collecting for Fireworks

(Oregon Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps will thread in here
from a side street)

8.    Beach Drive Buccaneers - Pirates pulling a Treasure
            Chest, handing out Pirate Beads and SOLV Trash Bags

9A.    Families of Deployed Soldiers - 2 Pickup Trucks
            with Families
9B.    Fred Bear in a Boat - Pickup pulling Fred Meyer float
            carrying Fred Bear
10A.    SHS Cheerleaders - 15 Girls, walking
10B.    Encore Dance Studio - Truck with flatbed, 20 Children
11.    Flashback Malt Shoppe - Walking Group, Costumes &
12.    Paws In Action - 4H Dog Club, 10 Kids and Dogs
13.    Mini Van Jam Clan - 14 People walking, Honoring
            America All Year Long

14.    Trolly Bus - Sunset Empire Transportation District with
            TOPS group riding

15A.    Astor Street Opry Company - The cast of Shanghaid
                in Astoria in costume

15B.    Frohnmayer/Van Horne Family - Family Fun Since
                1910, 10 people in two decorated surreys

16.    Simons/Stovall Family - Walking family group of 12 people
17.    Taylor Family - Decorated Porsche, bicycles and walkers
18.    Hotrod Patriots - 7 Hotrods and Classic Cars
19.    Seaside Son's of the American Legion - Train Parade
                Vehicle with passengers

20.    North Beach Crabbers - Decorated Classic Car with
                10 walkers handing out candy

21.    The Ray Family - Porshe, Adult pulling wagon and Child
22.    Tsunami Skippers - Jump Rope Team, 1 van and 30 kids
23.    Wheel Fun Rentals - 1923 Hot Rod and an Electric
Theme Car
24.    Beach Blonde Salon - Pickup truck pulling a Flatbed Trailer
25.    Clean-Sweep Maintenance - Red-White-and-Blue
                Dump Truck with passengers
26.    Sunset Empire Parks & Rec. - Pickup Pulling Float, 3
                Surreys and 15 Walkers-bicycles-Skateboarders

27.    Seaside Christian Co-Op Preschool - Vehicle with
                Trailer, 20 People in Group

28.    1986 Cadillac Convertible - Barbara McDonald's Red,
                White and Blue decorated convertible

29.    Clatsop County Shrine Club - Car pulling a Shriner's
                Fezz and a bagpiper on a trailer
30.    Northwest Children's Outreach - Decorated Suburban
                and Trailer, 10 People in Group

31.    Decorated 70 foot long Patriotic Trailer Train - Tom
                Baker on Lawn Tractor pulling Trailers

32.    The Human Bean of Seaside - 2008 Chevy Pickup and a
                1967 Corvette
33.    Del Sol Seaside - Decorated Camary and Truck, 10 people
                handing out toys and candy

34.    Seaside Elks #1748 - Pickup and Trailer, 12 People
                in the Group and an Army Mini Truck

35.    Independent BambooPink Consultant - 2 Adults &
                Children walking and giving handouts

36.    Shane Dean Construction - Pickup and SUV
37     Sherwin Williams Paint - Truck with 3 people
38.    A Dodge Car Named Horace - 4 People in a 1926 Dodge
                Nicknamed "Horace"

39.    Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy - WW2 flatbed truck and a
                decorated vehicle

40.    Robert Dunton - Tractor Pulling a Decorated Boat

41.    Groups whose application are received after Friday,
            June 17th, will be
located here:               

        A.  1968 Oldsmobile Convertible
- Tod Tolan, 5 people
        B.  1970 Restored Mustang
- Bill Leslie driving
        C.  1964 Boat named "Sweet Thang"
- Mike Davies
                    driving and
boat filled with children and
                    Subway Mascot Subman

        D.  1972 Mini-Cooper
- The Kahn Glass Family
        E.  Calcomm Station Relay 4 Life
- 1Vehicle with
                    group of
15 People
        F.  1928 International Truck
- Dave Lanllo
        G.  Captain America and the Patriettes - BMW
                    convertible, Patriettes handing out candy

H. 1929 Ford CoupeRon Moebius

Editing of the Parade Lineup webpage stopped at 10 PM July 2, 2011. Please contact a parade coordinator on July 4, 2011 about entering in this location.

Fire and Ambulance Vehicles at end of Parade
if needed for an emergency
    SVFD Fire Truck
    SVFD Fire Truck
    SVFD Fire Truck
    SVFD Fire Truck
    SVFD Fire Truck

    Astoria Fire Truck
    Medix Ambulance
    Medix Wheelchair Van

    Tsnumai Warning Horn on Pickup Truck
- Jim Caruthers

    Electric Cart - "Follow me to the Old Fashioned Social"